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How to Dress for your Winter Wedding or Elopement in Lapland

There is a lot to think about when planning for your Arctic adventure. Here are some tips for how to dress for your winter wedding in Lapland.

You’ve decided on a December wedding in Swedish Lapland. You’re wedding dress shopping and you’ve fallen in love with a beautiful strapless wedding gown. Your heart is saying yes, but your mind is wondering if you can tough it out in subzero temperatures in only this beauty. We say, please don’t try! So how should you dress for your winter wedding in Lapland?

Temperatures in the Arctic can be as cold as -40 from December through February. It’s easy to think you can tough it out from the comfort of the warm dress shop. We would not recommend “the toughing it out” approach. The beautifil outdoor photography is the best part of a wedding in Lapland. So even if your wedding ceremony is planned for indoors, dressing in warm layers, and choosing a dress and accessories that can keep you covered and warm is the safest option.

Being beautiful, stylish AND warm for your Lapland elopement adventure is possible. You just need a little wedding planning help and some creativity.

THE Woollen Wedding Cloak made for an Arctic Wilderness Wedding

Swedish Lapland wilderness wedding


One of my lovely brides from last season got creative when multiple bridal shops in her native UK didn’t have  a proper solution. Louise had searched high and low for a cape/gown to go with her dress for her wilderness wedding in Swedish Lapland. But everything reminded her of fancy dress without the function of keeping her warm.

Elopement Icehotel Swedish Lapland


With the wedding dress shops unable to come up with any solutions, she took to the internet. After hours of searching, Louise came across a store on Etsy that hand-made woollen cloaks. The gorgeous coat was a one size fits all, which can be nerve-racking for any bride. A good fit on your wedding day is important. After going back and forth with measurements, Louise took the leap and was overjoyed when she opened the package.

The coat was floor length and belted in the middle from the front, so the cape flowed down in the back. A fur trimmed hood and the perfect, matching fur-trimmed mittens completed the look.

She was a picture-perfect winter bride, and most importantly, warm.

If you’re looking for something similar, try visiting Karin Vasara Design, locally-based in Swedish Lapland. Her inspiration and sensibility come from her rich heritage as a Sami reindeer herder. Her clothing is made from wool and locally available materials such as reindeer and fox fur. She can create custom pieces and also has beautiful capes readily available. You’ll easily see from her website that she marries beauty and function in her one of a kind pieces.


Swedish Lapland Wilderness Wedding


THE Perfect Fur Coat for a Lapland Wedding

Swedish Lapland elopement at icehotel


If you are set on a strapless wedding gown for Arctic wedding, then we recommend thinking about the details and accessories.

My stunning winter bride Viktoria did opt for a beautiful strapless gown by Mac Duggal. (The dress had POCKETS, friends!!) This wedding dress also had an amazing ballgown skirt that easily hid a pair of snow pants. If you can choose a dress that fits snowpants, that is your best option. To further make sure she was warm enough for her February wedding and photography at Icehotel, she also chose to accessorize with a functional and gorgeous fur jacket.

She was warm enough for hours of photography and her ceremony in Icehotel’s frosty ceremony. And she looked incredible, another perfect winter bride.

Wikky3000 in wedding dress at Icehotel

Wedding Dress Underlayers

If you’re not sure where to start with dressing for warmth, start with under layers! The most important step to any Lapland wedding dressing is the base! If your dress does not accommodate snowpants, we recommend wearing two layers of wool leggings, especially if your ceremony is outdoors. A little googling around and you can easily find merino wool base layers in white. It might be tempting to bring regular leggings, but wool is breathable and the most insulating. It will keep you warm for hours.

We also recommend choosing warm foot wear, such as snow boots. If you’re purchasing shoes for  your wedding day anyway, why not try some truly Lapland wedding worthy white snow boots? Pairing proper boots with wool socks will keep your feet warm for much longer. Worried about boots showing in photos? Most shoes are not usually visible under a wedding gown and any photographer will be able to remove them in photos. The beautiful part of a wedding in Swedish Lapland is the snow! By December, there can be more than a meter of snow on the ground. It’s very common to take a step and sink in. Heels are not recommended.

Extra Accessories for your Lapland Elopement

Hand and foot warmers are popular with couples having outdoor weddings..Hand warmers (such as HotHands) are little pods that fit in your gloves and shoes and give off heat. This is an excellent recommendation if you are not used to the cold.

At Arctic Weddings of Lapland, we want you to be comfortable and present on your wedding day.  Being warm, beautiful and confident is the goal. If you have any questions about clothing, weather or are considering getting married or eloping in Swedish Lapland, book a free chat with me here 

Swedish Lapland Wilderness Wedding

July 26, 2022

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photo asaf kliger

photo asaf kliger

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